Happy Halloween!

First of, I am so super-de-dooper excited that I just won a consultation from the lovely Reachel of Cardigan Empire.  It includes a 30 minute consultation at Anthropology, 3 fashion cheat sheets, photo shoot and a sample of Crest 3D white strips this week!  Happy, happy day!!  I'm super thrilled, but oh-mylanta-me, I'm not photogenic.  How do I fix that?

Happy (official) Halloween!  We celebrated on Saturday in the pouring rain.  The kids were so excited that they didn't even care. I win worst parent award for only taking two pictures of the kids in their costumes.  I snapped a quick picture of my two little ones, but I wasn't quick enough to catch a picture of my eldest son before he dashed off to trick-or-treat with his friends.  I think that I just might convince them dress up again just for a photoshoot.  

Here, for my dear sister that lives too far away from me, are a few photos of some of our favorite Halloween decorations this year.  The kids and I had quite a fun time decorating outside, upstairs and even downstairs. 

entry dresser table

favorite little ghosts

shelf in the kitchen - that pumpkin man makes me laugh!

the witches boots and pumpkins

had that witch for years and she still makes me laugh
Hope you had a wonderful Halloween yourself!
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