It's all about....the shoes!

This  year, I thought it would be fun to get my sisters and mother together for a crafting day.  I set about to find a project that we could make together.  I enlisted the talented Ms. Jodi to cut some wood for us and voila! cute witches boots for all.

We quickly paused for a delicious fall lunch of homemade butternut squash soup with freshly baked garlic breadsticks.    Mmmm!  Delicious! 

We were having such a great time that my sisters wanted more, so I taught them all how to make their own bat chandeliers.  Glitter was flying, tulle was tying and laughing and talking all around.  I highly recommend having a crafting day with your best family and friends. 

My boots ended up on top of my armoire with a little grouping of pumpkins with fancy witches hats and handmade mask. 

A fun day indeed! 
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