Purple paint

I've been tinkering around in my daughters room the last few weeks.  I finally found a furniture arrangement that works with the furniture that we have.  I've scratched the daybed look all together even though I think that it would work.  I even found the right sized shelves (for a great price!) and everything to make the fuax built-in look that I wanted.

After causally searching for several months, I found the cutest quilt that we both love.  Pretty flowers with the colors of raspberry, aqua and yellow on a preppy green background.  It's so fun to have a girly girl to play with. 

Now that we have the new quilt and the furniture arranged, it's time to paint.  The little missy has loved pink since the day she was born.  She still loves pink but wants purple for her walls.  Good thing is that purple goes with green.  The bad thing (for me), I don't like purple walls.  Dear oh dear!  Off to my trusty paint chips to find a pretty color that would be purple for her but livable for me.  Blah, blah, blah...let's have a looksie mmm-kay.

First, I immediately thought of Restoration Hardware's Lilac.  It's a very pretty, grayed down, sophisticated purple.  Purple without screaming purple.  It is, however, discontinued.  I don't know about you, but RS paint colors just don't seem to color match just right.

Next, we really like Cotton Candy by Martha Stewart.  It's a pinkier-purple, still soft but not nursery pastel.  (At least I hope it's not.)  It's much more purple then the Restoration Hardware color.  Happier, younger maybe?  Sidenote:  I wonder why Ms. Martha doesn't offer a better paint.  It took four coats to put a sample up over the existing pink walls.  It's quite a runny paint.

And finally, another Martha Stewart option just above the Cotton Candy, Martha Stewart's Phlox.  It's a little grayer and cooler then Cotton Candy but still reads as a pretty purple. 

And just to clarify, yes, I'm making anyone and everyone vote on the color that they like.  Yes, I can't stop talking about.  Yes, my friends are tired of me.  Buuuuut - purple is unknown territory for me.  And, I'm mixing it with green, aqua, raspberry and yellow.  Eek!  I worry that I might end up with something like this if I'm not careful.  (Sorry if this is your house and/or taste.)   


Tonight, I showed my oldest son the paint samples tonight and asked him his opinion.  I loved it!  He really does have a good eye and loves to feel important.  He narrowed down the paint that he liked and gave me reasons why.  Example:  the RS paint was too boring for her.  I love that kid!  So far, we've got unanimous vote for one of the paint colors.  I'd love to hear what you think!


the mama monster said...

you know my favorite!

Sharmyn said...

Must see picture of the quilt!

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