A good saying...

I've got major nesting issuse going on here right now.  However, it's giving me overwhelming anxiety at the same time because I feel that I'm drowning over here in stuff.  Stuff everywhere I turn.  Stuff that I haven't made a decision so I put it in the dungeon because it's easy to ignore.  Do I have a yard sale?  Do I donate it all and get out of here right now?  Spinning my wheels folks.  Spin. Spin. Spin.

via Pinterest pin

Loved this saying I found on Pinterest (ya know, while ignoring the massive nesting list I made).  I know I need to work in babysteps.  It just gets extrememly frustrating you know.  So today, I'm starting (again) where I am and working in babysteps doing what I can.  Hopefully, I'll get to the "use what you have" part soon.


Sharmyn said...

Oh that is a good saying! I am proud of you!

Anonymous said...

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Thanks again!

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