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This past week, I got to go out with my sister and darling niece to the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes.  Of course, one of the homes that I was excited to see was the DIY Blogger House in Daybreak.  I haven't been able to get it out of mind ever since.  I hope that they are able to share a lot more details about the whole house as there are some pretty fantastic rooms in there that are not featured. 
via Tatertots & Jello
First off, the outside of the home is fantastic.  I love the combination of the finishes and colors.  Who wouldn't want to come home to a happy yellow door?  Loved the bench and planters on the front porch.  I've been pondering a bench for our front "porch" ever since.  Especially something with some great character as this.

quick iphone photo
Coming in, the layout of the home is fantastic.  Every angle that you see is pleasing to the eye.  I like a pleasing view.  The view down the hall was a favorite.  The trimmed out wall and barn door added so much character without adding clutter. 
via Tatertots & Jello
Turn to your left and there was a great sitting room.  Really liked the decor, especially the pillows on the sofa and the family tree.  The ceiling was looking pretty spiffy too.  I'm secretly wanting to trim out our ceiling in our front room.  Think I can talk the muscles into it?  Lighting was all great in the house.

via Tatertots & Jello
 To the right was the study that Tatertots & Jello did.  It was even better in person!  Really liked her curtains and that lovely desk.  Must make the chandelier! 

 via Tatertots & Jello
The mudroom really utilized the space nicely.  As a mother of (almost! 8 weeks left!) 4 kids, I could really love this space. 

via the idea room
Of course the kitchen had me at hello.  I LOVED the kitchen.  I've pinned a billion and a half white kitchens on Pinterest and have been getting the courage up to paint my cabinets for a while now.  The gray subway and pretty granite was a nice touch.  I didn't snap any pictures of the kitchen (duh!) and had to really search for a picture.  The dining room was darling.  The chandelier was killer and House of Smith's did a nice staging job in the hutch and pantry.

via Pinterest
Really liked the textured Flor tiles and velvet sofa in the family room off the kitchen.  The sofa table reminded me of something my mom would of brought home from her years living in Iran before I was born.

lamo iphone picture but you get the gist
The BEST part of the whole house (for me) was the fantastic yard!  I desperately WANT an pergola with hanging daybed at my house.  No words can express how much I would love this patio setup. 

I loved the vintage door arbor.  I loved the water saving landscaping.  I have a black thumb in gardening.  I've successfully killed many hardy plants these past few years including box woods, blue salvia and shasta daisies.  Those are hardy plants folks!  That takes talent.  But back to the house not dead yard.  The landscaper included tutorials for the daybed and arbor so we can all dream of having enough funds to make this lovely spot at our own homes.
Upstairs, the bedrooms were cute.  My niece died over the babies room artwork and immediately made plans to make it for her own nursery.  I'm still wanting a Jenny Lind crib for this baby but having a hard time justifying it since I already own a solid crib.
via Crap I've Made
The laundry room was so perfection.  I LOVED the wallpaper and this cute yellow wood art looked like something fun to make. 
via the idea room
They don't show enough of the master bedroom and none of the master bath online.  It's fantastic people!  I don't think that I would ever come out of the bathroom.  It was a spa retreat and even though not all of the finishes were my taste, it was pretty darn close to perfection.  This was the chandelier above the tub and check out the wall trim.

quick iphone pic
So, walking away (with a tear in my eye) from this house, I decided to figure out how to incorporate some of it's charm to my home.  While the style of my house and it is vastly different, I can still learn something from it right? 
  1. Trim is everything.  Trim out the doors, walls, ceilings and windows.  It's amazing what a little bit a lot of MDF will do.
  2. Pretty lighting makes a big impact.
  3. Cohesive color palette makes a nice visual flow through the main living areas.
  4. Must paint my kitchen white.  I can't stop loving it!
  5. Smart choices in landscaping (and watering!) really bring some personality to the home. Save, save and save some more to add that daybed and pergola to our yard.
  6. via House of Smiths
I hope you enjoyed this recap of this pretty fun house.  It was one of the highlights of the tour for me!  I wish that I would of brought my camera instead of all of the iphone photos, but it helps me remember what I liked.  I've made it's own board on Pinterest for more information.   I hope that the DIY blogger team will provide many more details once the tour is over.  We must know more about it!

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