Last days for the gift special.

Don't forget to order your "Key to My Heart" tassels for Valentine's gifts. This offer expires this Thursday, February 12th.
Here is one of my custom ordered Key to My Heart tassel. I love how it turned out! Yummy chenille dark red chenille base with the loopy black on top. A touch of black and white plaid and signature red top it all off. So very cute!! I was in such a hurry to get this done for her order, that I forgot to take a picture of it! Thankfully, she sent me some up in her house. It's so very cute hanging from a curvy, metal candlestick holder on her mantel.

1 comment:

Sharmyn said...

Hey this one is dahling. I love it. I went on the Etsy site and saw the one you did with fat toile ribbon. Oh lala loved that ribbon!

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