Unexpected places

Only 301 more days until Christmas!!
I'm Kidding.

Yesterdays post on the big pom-poms reminded me of my favorite unexpected place that I decorated with pom-poms.

I had been so busy with the holiday season last year that I realized one day that I hadn't made myself any. So I put a few together and happily went along decorating my home. My brother-in-law gave me these sparkly beaded Christmas trees last year early so I could decorate my shelf with them. (Smart boy, or should I really say, Smart Auntie Megan? {aka Dee!Dee!}) These pom-poms looked perfect on my tree. One of those ah-ha moments that you are so proud of yourself for. Unfortunately for me, they didn't last long since I sold the rest of the tassels to friends and neighbors when they saw them in my house. My goal for next year: keep some for myself!

1 comment:

Sharmyn said...

Luhhuhuhuvin those Merry Christmas blocks are they for sale-e-o??

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