Custom Made Rustic Heart

Erin wanted the rustic heart done up in her kitchen colors. This one came together beautifully and I hope she likes it just as much as I do. Look how great it looks even before we fixed the hanging ribbon!

Playing in my ribbons, we came up with the sheer rust as the base. Then I added in a sheer olive and a sheer brown that had a sewn detail on them to make them more interesting. Layered in some narrow grosgrain brown to help fill in the middles and voila! A perfect custom, year-round decoration for Erin kitchen.
Oh this heart is turning out to be so versatile! Remember it done up with sassy pinks and stripes for Valentine's? Natural, neutral and beautiful as is and now custom made for a Mediterranean kitchen. Oh the possibilities!
***Don't forget my gift special going on for a limited time only.***

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