Decorate with new lamp - check

A while back, I was the lucky winner of this lamp from Imparting Grace. I was so thrilled when I received this lamp but had to put it aside until I had more time to play with it. As I walked past it for three days, I realized that I liked the place that it was in so I added my favorite bird tassel and called it a day. I still would love to fancy up the shade and put something by the lamp eventually but, for now, I am happy with it!

Thanks so much Richella!


Richella said...

MEG! How cute is that tassel?? I love the fact that you put a bird tassel on this lamp--it looks great!

You do good work. I hope you find lots of time this summer to do crafty things, because you're really talented.

I'm so glad your lamp arrived in good shape and that you're able to use it--and especially that you're able to use one of your creations to make it so beautiful!


Sharmyn said...

Love that bird! It's so great. Love all of your bird tassels!

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