Bathroom During

Good bye poorly painted walls.
Hello fresh paint and yummy beadboard!

Good bye super ugly green counter tops!!

Hello pretty sandy counters!

Plans are coming along nicely. The paint is taking ages to dry since our swamp cooler is making everything so humid. (Don't you love swamp coolers? Not me! Everything is sticky, wet and still too hot. Especially our bedroom. Ugh! )

  1. Paint walls with leftover paint from family room. CHECK
  2. Cover the walls with tub-height bead board painted bright white. INSTALLED - BUT NOT YET PAINTED
  3. Paint vanity dark brown. ALMOST - DOORS AREN'T FINISHED
  4. Paint and seal counter tops a sandy color. CHECK
  5. Extend length of bargain curtain. FABRIC BOUGHT
  6. Install new light fixture handed down from dear Sister. NOT SURE IT'S GOING TO WORK.
  7. Find new mirror or medicine cabinet. CHECK- FOUND A MIRROR AT THE THRIFT STORE FOR ONLY $5!
  8. Budget $100. SPENT!


Sharmyn said...

YOU are SO smart! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Dawn said...

Looking good, my friend, looking good! Okay swamp coolers are no good, but I live in a swampland, not fun, it is SOOO DARN HOT HERE!!!!

I'm excited to see the finished product, maybe in person. We are coming your way around the 12th of this month. Can't wait to see you and eat at Firehouse :)

the mama monster said...

wow can i come over and have you show me the ropes? seriously girl i would love to learn how to paint my counters!

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