How to hang beadboard- Megan style

Step 1: Wait until husband goes out of town and then decide that the bathroom must be done right then and there.
Step 2: Measure, measure and measure some more. Decide that it would be good idea to balance the bead board on the metal bar above the old linoleum.
Step 3: Go to Home Depot and have them make the big cuts for you.
Step 4: Try to put the biggest piece of bead board up by yourself because you can do it and you have that handy-dandy metal bar that will help you.
Step 5: Find out that there is no way that you can actually hold the bead board 4 inches off the ground because that handy-dandy metal bar is in no way helping.
Step 6: Call Dad.
Step 7: Dad will come over at 9:30 at night and help you hang the big piece of bead board which required way more strength and flexibility than you ever thought possible for such a lightweight material.
Step 8: Run out of adhesive but that's a good thing because you actually bought the wrong kind of adhesive anyway thus the difficulty getting the board to stick to the wall while you hammer in finishing nails.
Step 9: Beg Dad to come back with his jig saw the next day. He does thankfully.
Step 10: Laugh and giggle over your stellar measuring skillz as nothing is lining up right and cuts are too deep. Decide that if you were a pair of carpenters, that you wouldn't make a dime. In fact you would have to pay them to do the work.
Step 11: Measure all cut pieces from Home Depot and realize that it was Home Depot's mistake. All pieces were cut incorrectly. Feel smug because your measuring skillz have now been redeemed.
Step 12: Have Dad save the day by figuring out how to use all the pieces anyway.
Step 13: Finish hanging the rest of the bead board yourself because now you have mad jigsawing skillz to add to your mad measuring skillz.
Step 14: Smoother Dad with thanks, hugs and kisses and think that maybe it would of been a good idea to wait the day and a half for my honey to get home.
Step 15: Admire your work! Next step, finishing trim and paint!

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Sharmyn said...

Darling, it is the way we were raised I tell ya. Dad, gotta love him.

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