Vacation - Stay-cation

For Ryan's vacation this year, we opted for a nice "stay-cation". We had a great time celebrating the 24th of July by finishing up the bathroom. (It's looking good in there! Just a few more details like finding a light fixture that will work with the mirror or a new mirror to work with the light fixture we have. Decisions, decisions.) We went swimming, we went to the park, we celebrated Ry's 34th birthday, we went to the baseball game, we ate out, we shopped. It was great!

With only two more glorious days before he had to return to work, he suggested that we pull out the carpet in the front room. He didn't even have to say it twice before I was practically throwing the furniture out the front door. Yippee! This has been my kind of vacation! Home improvement projects galore.

At first, the floors looked promising. In great condition and just needed a bit of cleaning and a new coat of poly. But alas, they were just like all the rest of the house. The previous owners used the hardwood as their drop cloth for their painting projects.

My son and his friends really helped. They pulled out staples, pushed out the old carpet and demolished the old tile. They were great help!

At one point during the full on destruction of the tiles, Ryan said the boys "Thanks for destroying my house." You should of seen their faces until they realized it was okay.

Now that Ryan is back to work, I am filling in holes, washing walls and cleaning the floors, trying to decide on a stain color. Oh boy. Decisions, decisions. I can't wait to see them done! Now if I could just get that sectional sofa that I have been wanting....


Erin said...

How fun - sounds like you are going to busy for awhile. I am still loving my star - my 4th decor is still out. I am excited to put back up my bird on my front table - but do we really have to wait until October to put up something festive...I hope I can wait until then. Can you tell I am going through 'tassell buying' withdrawal - well my husband is relieved at least! Have a fun next little while with your house!

Sharmyn said...

Wow - I'll bet Jakey couldn't believe his good luck. "I get to do what to the tile with a-a-a-hammer??!!!!!!!"

How great for you! I know you will love it and feel VERY confident in your ability to choose the stain color of your dreams.

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