Grandma's Basement

Recently, my Mother-in-law retired from teaching and has been cleaning out her basement full of treasures. Being that I am the only one in the family that has children, I have been getting most of the treasures. Ooo-da-lolly!

While rummaging through our latest box, we found a whole stack of records. We were especially excited about the Disney Picture discs. Cinderella, Mary Poppins and that kind of sort.

There was a sewing set that is so cute. The box says "Let Me Sew Too" in several different languages from 1974.

My favorite is the gnome phonics word builder set. It's complete and perfect for Mia. She loves it and although I adore the cute little gnomes, I am more excited that she likes doing the worksheets. I thought it was clever that the worksheets slide into a plastic cover which you wrote your answers on (with the plastic crayons that were still in the box) and then flipped the worksheet over to correct your answers.
The box has seen better days but I hope to find a replacement box that I can decorate with the original packaging.
We also got a vintage Star Wars t-shirt and Star Trex t-shirt, vintage patterns and trim and lots of other little worksheets and goodies.
This has been so much fun and can't wait to see what other goodies come our way!


the mama monster said...

lucky ducky! i love it all.

Sharmyn said...

Ooh lucky! You used "ooo-da-lolly" in a sentence. (Granted it was a one word sentence) That does not happen very often. I think I shall try and use it in a sentence this week.

Jones Family said...

I was searching the web for this Gnome game I used as a kid that taught me phonics."gnome phonics word builder set" I would love love to just see some pics of the game or know the maker. Ive been thinking about it for a while and I am sure I have no idea where to find it. Do you still have it? Is it for sale? Im sure your darling daughter is playing with a piece of nostalgic fortune over there. I hope that this message receives you (3 years later your post)

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