My favorite part of newly re-decorated bath.

I'm planning on hanging big hooks underneath the bath sign to hang fluffy towels. Or in my case, towels that will be fluffy until the first child walks into the bathroom and wipes their chocolate covered hands on them then leaving it on the floor. But until then, it's going to look fab!


Sharmyn said...

OH WWWOW! Do we get to see the rest of the bath? The shower curtain is perfect isn't it?

Kaylin said...

Cute shower curtain and I love the bead board.. if that's what it's called.. ha ha. :)

rebecca said...

Hey Megan!That bath sigh is awesome!!! I know what you mean about the fluffy towels...in our house my perfectly hung towels never stay that way for very long!!!

Thanks for adding your site to the blog roll over at Blue Cricket!!!

Come and play any day!

Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

I LOVE what I see of the bath in just this picture- can't wait to see more! Your three halloween ornaments are adorable as well. I cannot wait to dive into your blog more in depth very soon!

Thanks for visiting me!

Norma =^.,.^= said...

Love, love, love the beadboard!!! Was it hard to do?

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