Custom Invites

One of the perks of working at a scrapbook store is being able to do some side jobs for customers. People want custom invites but don't have the time or energy to create them. Most claim that they aren't creative, but I beg to disagree. I think that everyone is creative but some just don't allow themselves to be.

I recently made baby invitations for a darling girl hosting a shower for a baby boy. All she requested was that the invites would be playful and simple. Having free reign is my favorite kind of job.
With that, I made these simple invites in my favorite little boy colors - green, orange, blue and brown. Super cute and simple. Perfect for mass production. I think that a little baby charm hanging from the ribbon would of been the icing on the cake, but the budget would not allow it. (Card is also super cute with orange ribbon if you prefer.)

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Sharmyn said...

Ooh love that! Really fun and sweet. Great mix-up of colors and patterns! Smartie.

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