Happy Birthday!

My littlest one is about to turn three.  And as part of the celebration, I thought that we needed to finally get a "Happy Birthday" banner for our home.   I knew I wanted something happy and bright and gender neutral.  When I found the orange, blue and green bias-striped fabric, I knew it was just right for us!    Added in some polka dots, a dash of orange and of course, some cute buttons and a cute banner was born. 

I wanted the "Happy" and "Birthday" to be seperated so I would have the option to hang it like shown above or tie them together. And silly as it might be, the "Happy" by itself can be a cute little reminder to be happy!

I think that you can never have enough polka dots and I love the raggedy, unfinished edges of the letters.

And the cute buttons make everything better!  There's that cute striped fabric again.  Working with high-quality fabric realy makes a difference.  I love how all the fabrics coordinate but don't match.

This birthday banner is ready to party!  Alongside a cupcake tassel and some cute "WISH" letters, we now have some re-usable decorations to use for everyone.  A new tradition for our family that I know can last through the years.

When I was making this banner, I was under a strict deadline so a special thank you to Jodi for handcutting all the letters out for me while I cut out and sewed the fabric squares. We make quite the team Jodi!

*Did you notice that I had this banner on my table at my last show??  I have a few that I'm thinking about what to do with.  Maybe a giveaway??  Anyone interested?

*Edited Jan.19th - I've linked to "Get Your Craft On" linky party!


the mama monster said...

i love the banner.cute colors and fabric makes all the difference huh? i have been meaning to make a birthday banner since ezra's 1st birthday. why oh why don't i get around to stuff for 3+ years? i can't beleive your baby is almost 3. all those cute little boys seem to little to be three. he sure is cute.

Always April said...

I would love a giveaway!

Kem said...

Love this banner!!! Great job Meg

mooneyequalsmc2 said...

Goodness this is awesome!


Chelsea said...

Megan! I love this banner. Thank you for commenting on my projects.

I haven't tried a square banner yet, but now that I've seen how cute yours is, I might just have to try.

hi-d said...

I love that banner. The mix of fabrics and patterns...it's indeed, "Happy" looking! :)

Paige said...

I love the colors in this banner and especially the cute little buttons! I would love it!

casserole said...

What a beautiful banner! I love the color scheme and the buttons. This will be such a fun family tradition.

Diana Fisher said...

Just love this, so bright and fun!! Great patterns!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

You make the cutest banners in the world...for real! I love every single one you make! :)

Thanks for linking up to the party. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Carole B. said...

Love this birthday banner.

BLJ Graves Studio said...

Your banner is too cute!!!

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