Mindy Mae's Market

I am so excited and flattered that I get to be a part of the Mindy Mae's Market this weekend.  The show runs from December 4th from 6-8pm through December 5th 10am-6pm.  This show features so many fantastic vendors that they had to get a second house for the show.  Think of all the Christmas shopping you can get done!  Feel confident that your gifts will be wonderfully unique and you will be supporting local artists at the same time.  While my computer has been out (and still is out!) Mindy Mae's did a little shout out about me.  Check out my little shout out here.  I'm so flattered over it!

Mindy Mae's is being featured today on Giveaway Today.  They are giving away a $100 gift certificate to use at their show!  Wouldn't that be the best prize to win??  All you have to do is go to GiveAway Today and enter to win.  You can enter up to three times to win.  Click here to enter!  Aaaaannnndd....if you don't win, you are still in luck.  Simply mention to the cashier that you are a reader of Giveaway Today and you will get 15% off one item! 

I hope all that live in the area can come to Mindy Mae's Market this weekend.  If you head in, be sure to tell them that I sent you.  I hope to see you there! 

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angie b said...

Megan...thank you for nominating us! Thanks for all your nice comments too! Sorry it has taken a while to respond back, just wanted to know how much we appreciate your support!
Love your fun goodies on here. I have my door hanger from Steph last year that I am getting out this week!

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