Mindy Mae's

How does one take a picture of your booth while sun is shining directly on it and your camera batteries are dying??   Well, you get something that looks like this:

Lovely.  My booth at Mindy Mae's Market (going on now!) looks a lot better than this photo depicts.   No two tassels are exactly the same.  New banners available including the cutest "Happy Birthday" banner that I love!  Aaannnnddd, I am having an exclusive Mindy May's Market special promotion going on making it easier to deck your halls and gift your family/in-laws/friends/co-workers/neighbors/mailman! 

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kmckaydesigns said...

Hi Megan,
My name is Kristine McKay. I am a contributor for Studio 5. A local morning show here in Utah. I stumbled accross your site and I have soooo many questions for you that I hope you would be willing to help me out with. I was assigned to do a segment on decorative tassels this month. They want me show introduce the basic idea and give some ideas on how to do it (but if most people are like me . . . I'd rather just buy yours lol) So, I was wondering if you might be interested in having me feature your site and possibly you could give me a couple tips. I started making them and let's just say . . . help lol. Anyway, you are very talented and I'd love to pick your brain if you have the time. You can check out my site and my bio at www.kmckaydesigns.com.


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