Just five easy steps...

This "hallway" has been a thorn in my side.  It's tiny.  It's dark.  It's got an outdated electrical panel and a entry to the tub's plumbing next to it.  And the beloved dark blue carpet.  (Why oh why would one put carpet in the kitchen?)  How does one correct these issues with little or no money and minimal time?    Here's how in just five simple steps.

Step 1: Have Jodi make you a custom size magnet board to cover the mess of the wall and provide a place for artwork and homework reading charts.   In your excitement, forget to pay her.  Call her and beg for forgiveness and tell her what an awesome, wood workin' goddess she is! 
Time Spent/Money Spent:  TBD.  Gotta pay the girl.

Step 2: Get over the floor.  Eventually, I will get the flooring of my dreams installed.  You know, the one that cleans itself and always looks brand spankin' new.  I haven't found it yet, that's why I don't have it yet.  Haha! 
Time/Money Spent: Zero!

Step 2:  Clear off the door of artwork.  Clean the walls and door of the kidlets finger prints.  Much, much better already.  Pry off the old molding around the water entry thingy. 

Time/Money: 15 minutes, zero dollars.

Step 3:  Go through all of your paints to find the paint from the family room, front door and a mistint that only cost $1.50.   Gather painting supplies and paint halls, paint door, paint magnet board frame.  It's hard to tell, but the walls went from dingy, poorly painted white to a very nice Nantucket Gray which is just a nice way of saying they are tan.  Door, Withye Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Time/Money = 2 hours,  Less than $15 since
I ran out of the wall color.

Step 4:  Paint frame bright red.  Love the red.  Be happy all over again for painting the front door bright red.  Praise Behr for their Paint + Primer goodness. 
Time/Money:  15 minutes for both coats, FREE!

Step 5:  After waiting the appropriate drying time, hang magnet board and decorate.    Afters to come tomorrow.  I'm still playing with the arrangement. 

Total Time and Money Spent:  Three hours and less than $15 for paint plus needing to pay for the magnet board.

Bargain!  This is my kind of afternoon project!


Kem said...

Um Megan. How can you post with no after photos. Don't you know that I really really want to see and that its cold and I have no desire to leave my house and walk all the way around the block to yours. Ok I know that you live 3 house away but still, its cold!!! See ya in a sec. I'll be right over. darn not being able to wait. Darn no after photos

Heather said...

I don't know whether to shake my fist at you for being so darned productive on a Monday or hug for you being so productive on a Monday!

I'm so proud of you!

I think.

No, yes, I mean, I am! For reals. No taksies backsies.

the mama monster said...

what the??? i want to see an after dang it!

Kaylie said...

When you hate your floors, ask yourself this question: Do you really want to install gorgeous new flooring while your kids are still little enough to wreck it by peeing and dropping popsicles on it? No way. You don't want to shell out thousands of bucks only to have them ruin it, right? Then take a few deep breaths and remember that some of us are living with shag in our living rooms and linoleum in our bathrooms until we have oodles of money and clean freak children.

Sharmyn said...

Little temptress! I'll be back tomorrow for sure. and p.s. I'm very, VERY, proud of you. And I agree with Kaylie.

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