Valentine's Banner and Tassels

When I found this Heidi Grace Valentine's fabric, I thought it would make a fun banner.  It was a scrapbook paper last year that I made some cute Valentine's out of.  Hot pink and black Valentine's graffiti = punk hotness.  Did you know a banner could be hot??  Me neither.  Now, if I could get it to stop rebelling and stay on the front window. 

I've been on the lookout for a heart shaped wreath form and I can not find one!  I have been to more craft stores than I care to admit.  I want to make a pink and black door hanging to go with my banner.  Kicking myself because I had picked up one at the thrift store a few weeks back but put it back because I was in no crafting mood and didn't want to add to my crafting mess even though it was on 75 cents.  Curses.

Keeping with the pink and black theme, I made myself a tassel.  Cute, no?  I'm all about the tuelle skirts. 

And that seem to light my tassel making fire because I whipped out three more.   Here's my favorite of the bunch.  Bronze, caramel and red toile goodness.

A vintage Valentine with pink feather boa.
Red beaded and sequined heart with polka dots.  Who doesn't love polka dots?

I'm not sure that I will list Valentine's on Etsy since I've been a slacker this month.  Can you believe it's nearly February?  Me neither!  Want one?  Just ask.  I'll do a reserved listing just for you.  Because you are special and I value your business.  I do have a load of new tassels to list as soon as I twist my favorite, very pregnant photographer finger into taking pictures for me. 


Kem said...

Great job Megan. I love them all, also great job on the pixs.

the mama monster said...

those are dang cute missy! you really are tassel queen. i love the vintage valentine with the pink boa.

Audrey said...

The tassels are amazing!!
I have something for you on my blog!
Have a great week!

Joe @ 20 to Life said...

These are great! I wish I was "crafty", but I missed that gene I guess. I love that you can decide to make something and whip out a bunch of that something - well done :D
(Thanks for stopping by)

Heather said...

Oh, Megity's Handmade, that Red/Chocolate/Toile tassle is DELICIOUS! It's my very favorite ever in the whole world!

I know I say that everytime I find a favorite tassel in your collection. But I really mean it, it's my favorite!

And you are so punk. You try to act like you aren't, but you so are! Punk. Pink and Black Punk. You wanna piece a'me? Huh? Well, do ya?

Kaylie said...

Very cute tassels. Love the sparklies.

Sharmyn said...

The vintage valentine looks like Miss Mia.

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

I love your banners. Let me tell you something funny.

At Christmas I was determined to make a cute banner. After drooling over your Halloween one, I had to do something! Well, I made all the little banner piece and never put them together because I could decide how I wanted to do it. Now I just have pieces.

Some things should be left up to the professionals, right? :)


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