Aren't these the cutest?  I would love to make these cute mailboxes for my cute kidlets.  I can imagine them coming downstairs for breakfast and finding their Valentines we made for them with lots of yummy heart shaped candy and cinnamon lips.  Here's a tutorial for them.  Don't you love those ruffles and ric-rac trim?  (Those dots make me want to make another Valentine's Banner.)  You could customize it just right for your favorite Valentine. 

Love the backpack but don't want to make it?  Buy it!  Looks like they are sold out online, but here's a listing on Ebay

Speaking of mailboxes, I would also love a new mailbox.  Our poor mailbox was hit in a drive-by pumpkin accident last year.  Poor thing is all bent up and doesn't close properly.  Our neighborhood originally had mailboxes on the houses.  I would love to pick out a shiney, new mailbox for my house.  Maybe something like this?  No more walking all the way down the driveway!  Ha.  Yes, I am that lazy.

PS:  Come back on Monday!  I have a give-away lined up for next week!


Kem said...

I want to make these so bad. If only I didn't have a billion and one things going on right at the moment. Nope these are worth finding time to make and so I shall. I have a great idea lets make them together and that way I know I will getter done.

Sharmyn said...

When do we get to see your Valentine banner??? When do I get my mailbox in the mail???? :)

Heather said...

Pumpkins drive?

I'm so glad you are that lazy. Totally lets me off the hook.

I'm ready to do some Biznezz with you, Lady M. Of the banner type. Do you suppose we could see some photos of your new banners even if Kem is about ready to be growing that baby of hers? It doesn't have to be KemPerfect you know. Just a picture. So we can buy stuff.

So you can buy a new mailbox. For $135. (did you know mailboxes cost that much? I didn't know mailboxes cost that much. I don't believe mailboxes should cost that much. Must be the cost you gotta pay for laziness. Not that it isn't worth every penny. I'm just sayin', you know, in these economic times someone would take heart and charge less for laziness. Is all I'm sayin') So, ya, pictures.

Thank you very much.

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Love this! And your site.

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