New Years goal - Inspriation

Dust, dust, dust.  Is this blog still here under all this dust??  Cough, cough.  Somebody has been neglecting it.  That somebody has had a hard time getting better (it was pneumonia after all), getting motivated, making it through the holidays and now the aftermath.  That somebody needs some new rechargeable batteries.  They aren't holding a charge for very long anymore.

In effort to re-energize and as part of my New Years goal, I have been looking for inspirations.  Lucky for me, it's found everywhere.  Color inspirations, organizational inspirations, decorating and more. 
First stop.  Organizational inspirations.  IKEA with friends.  Well, one friend and her little one that is my friend because he is so stinkin' cute you can't help but be happy with him.  But back to IKEA.  IKEA provides lots of visual, organizational happiness. Top it off with lunch in the cafeteria and it's one happy trip.  Found:  Big planter basket for storing toys was $35 on sale for $9.99!  More kassett storage boxes in green,  cute new glasses for the kitchen and hooks for the coat problem our home has.  IKEA goodness! 

Second stop: fabric.  Pretty new throw pillows and kitchen curtain ideas.

Heather Bailey Peonies on ivory or red. 

Next stop:  cupcakes.  Yes, cupcakes.  This cute shop not to far away has Boston Cream Cupcakes.  They are heavenly delicious!  Go to Cutsie Cakes and get one for yourself.   But the best cupcake that she makes are the blueberry with sweet cream.  Scrumptious!

And of course, lots of blog hopping.  There is so much talent on the web.  I only wish I could have a pinky full of design talent.  Some of my fav's:

*Little Green Notebook - love the way that she puts together rooms with so many colors yet not feeling like it's overboard.  Like her daughters room makeoverOr her office.  And her dining room.  All done in her rental no less!

*The Lettered Cottage - love her beachy, neutral vibe.  Her kitchen, her beadboard, her reading room.  Love it all.  She's the reason why I am torn between neutral prettiness and happy color.  To find a balance.

*Young House Love - 'nuff said.
*Anna Maria Horner - in love with her colorful fabrics.  Love!
*Design Sponge.   Pretty, pretty, pretty.
*Just Beachy - another beachy vibe.  I don't know how she does all of her projects.  She's always building and adding something to the house by herself.

So those were a few of my inspirations right now.  What are yours?


Kem said...

Love Ikea!!!!! Also love the fabric.. Also love those cute little men who get dragged to Ikea and everywhere else with us. Poor boys atleast they don't know any better yet.

Heather said...

YOU ARE BACK!! Yay! I love that you are back. I didn't love that you were sick up to "here", but that's behind us now! YAY!

I'll be over to help you think about organizing. Better get some more cupcakes...this could take a while.

Heather said...


I vote for Heather Bailey's Peonies on Ivory.

the mama monster said...

i love dottie angel and making it lovely. and anna maria horner is my most favorite ever. how in the world does she put all her gorgous color/fabric combinations together?
i think another ikea trip should be in the works soon. and some thrifting while we are at it. a day when the boys can watch or kids and we can wander from thing to thing... sound good?

Norma =^.,.^= said...

thanks for posting those links - I am SO all over decorating ideas right now - got a whole new house to do!! I miss all of you girls at the store terribly - still haven't started at Tylsvl yet, wonder if she'll ever find a spot for me.
Love your blog - keep on inspiring me!

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