Paper from the Heart

My good friend Teresa is the most talented paper crafter I know. She whips out project after project, all fantastic of course, making it look simple. I was just on her blog this morning admiring her creations when I came to this cute birthday calendar that she has created for their scrapbook retreat.

Isn't it wonderful? In our family, we have waaaaaay too many birthdays to remember each month. I admit, I am horrible at remembering them. (So sorry to birthdays that have fallen from at least October 2009-March 2010.) Do you think if I have a cute calendar like this that I will remember all those birthdays?

Teresa is known for her attention to detail. Look at all that cuteness on there!

I think the December "WISH" banner is my favorite page so far.

I had to of course beg her to let me buy a kit from her. Crossing my fingers she says yes!

Teresa also has a fun Make at Home Card club that you can join here. Her cards are fabulous! I can't believe she can come up with so many different designs!

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Denise Marie said...

ridiculously adorable fun.

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