Show and Tell - Part 2 - Weekender Tote and Free Pattern

Wow! I didn't mean to leave the blog for that long.  Right after I posted the giveaway (quick, hurry! only one more day to enter!), a got to go on a little trip to North Carolina to visit my sister.  I must say it was fabulous, rejuvenating and I miss her like crazy!!  Good thing she's coming to Utah in two weeks for a wedding.

So back to this picture where I showed two things I made.  First the dress (how-to details to come soon!) and second this weekender tote. 

I love this tote!  I had such a great time picking out fabrics.  I wanted something springy and bright and when I found the floral fabric, I knew it was the one.  Inspired by Jackie, yet again (Jackie, I dubbed thee Color Queen.), to be more adventurous with my colors, I added the bright turquoise, heather gray and grounded it all with a small white polka dot on black fabric.

It's quite roomy too.  I know this because I did a wee bit of shopping while on my trip and my sister; her husband and I packed it to the brim to come home.  PACKED!  As in 8 plates, pretty pedestal bowl thingy, dainty tea cup, cigar box, jewelry box, 5 pairs of earrings, necklace, flower pendant, belt, 3 magazines, a jacket, a sweatshirt, pj's, and a dress and jacket for my daughter.  All in that bag and yes, it was extremely heavy!  I was pleased that the sewing held up.  No ripped seams or torn handles to report. 

I bought the magazine, Sew Spoiled, which this pattern was featured in.  I struggled a bit with some parts but was able to get some help.  Even though I really had to think about some of the steps, it wasn't very hard.  Overall, I am pleased with the tote.  However, I don't like the way the straps pull the fabric up when you are carrying the bag.  Something I am sure a more experienced sewer could fix.

After it was done, the magazine came out with a FREE full pattern because of the difficulty of the shortened pattern.  Found here.  And double lucky you, because they are starting a sew along right now!  Details found here and flickr group here.  I just posted my finished tote and I am really tempted to make another.   If you join in on the fun, come back and tell me!  I would really love to see your finished tote!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, the fabric choices for the tote are genius.

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