Banners Available

If anyone is interested, I have been able to get a little bit more fabric to make some more banners. I just finished up a few custom orders and I have enough to make three one more  Gone!  Thank you!  It's listed in my shop! I'll ship priority within a day of getting your order so you will have as much time possible to enjoy them.

This isn't your ordinary banner. It's all gussied up and spookified with lace, vintage trim and spooky little skeletons.

I've got mine hanging on my front window. It's getting lots of compliments.



the mama monster said...

yep its pretty darn cute. raelene and i were talking about it at the park yesterday. to bad you weren't there to hear all the compliments!we looooooooooooove it was the jist of the converstation though!

Jess said...

BTW did I tell you how much I LOVE the banner? Can't wait for Christmas ones!!

Kem said...

Love it Meg so awesome!!!!

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