Break out the paint!

via apartment therapy

I swear I have project ADD because when I start to near the finish line, I feel like I am walking through molasses and get distracted easily because I can't stop thinking about all the other projects that I want to do.  Like when I wake up in the night and obsess over what the heck I'm going to do about the kitchen floor.  Yep, I'm the kind of person that says "heck" and lays awake thinking about stupid projects.  Is anyone else in that boat??  (phew- that was a tangent)

Annnnnywhoooo...where was I?  I've got a crazy little tug-o-war going on in my brain over weither or not to paint some furniture or not.  Paint!  Leave! Paint! Leave! Paint! What color? Leave it alone....argh.

via apartment therapy

So while perusing Apartment Therapy last night, I found this tasty tidbit about colorful painted furniture.  I'm sold and back on the PAINT! train. 

via apartment therapy

Seriously just need to do it so I can stop the crazies.  It's just scary to paint unpainted wood.  Also, one of the furniture projects needs to be painted with oil based paint.  Never done that before.  Yikes!


Sharmyn said...

Seriously! Paint the bunk bed already! You've chosen the right color, go get a color match and be done!! And then POST the pictures!!!

the mama monster said...

hehehehe. you are funny. and you give me grief! at least we are both crazy together. paint this weekend!!!

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