They say that children laugh on average 300 times a day and adults laugh on average less then 15 times. When did we lose the ability to laugh unconditionally?

Here are two things that made me laugh today.
  • Seeing this photo that I took of one of my son's Star Wars battles. He sets them up anywhere and this time, it was my messy craft table.

  • These goofy girls that thought it was hilarious good times to stomp down the leaves in the garbage can. Did they not realize that they were in a dirty ol' garbage can? And why did they all jump at the chance to be the one that stomped the leaves down?

So thank you kids for giving me more reasons to laugh during the day with your sillieness!

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Brooke said...

I remember asking my mom if we could fill our garbage can up with water so I could go swimming. She let me and I loved it. But, thinking back to it, I cringe at the thought of being in that nasty thing!

Maybe that's why we, as adults, don't laugh as much. Kids have no inhibitions and adults have all these rules for things.

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