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I can't think of a title for this post that isn't 100 words long and gushy.  As I mentioned before, I was one of the lucky gals that got to go on a personal shopping trip with the lovely Reachel from Cardigan Empire.  May I tell you that I highly suggest you do this!  It was so much fun! 

Reachel was adorable with her perfectly pattable baby bump dressed to impress.  She first asked me about my goals and how I wanted to dress.  What I liked and disliked.  Then we were off to play!  She pulled this and that and one of these and some of those.  I just followed like a little puppy because honestly, I have no clue how to put things together.  If I was to do this on my own, I would of been in and out of the store in 10 minutes because this fantabulous store just doesn't have anything that fits all this frumpiness of mine.  Back to Reachel...she had an armful of what I thought were random bits of clothing but when we reached the dressing room, she did this most amazing thing.  Out of the piles of lovelies, she made outfits.  Really, really great outfits!  And they weren't too shabby looking on me either.  I was as happy clam.  Best trick I learned from her, try on more then one size.  She gave me mediums and smalls and I ain't no small/medium gal.

The lovely Jill was just next door to me.  I couldn't help but go and visit her often.  It was fun to see her cute outfits too!  We played and played and played some more.  Thankfully, Reachel is easy going since we were there a bit long. 

loved her necklace and yes, I bought that shirt and sweater
We got to meet her darling Coco and her gracious Mother too.  I bought a few things and can't wait to wear them.  I can't tell you the last time that I have been excited about something I bought for myself.  I always just make do with whatever and tend to wear the same things over and over.  So thank you Reachel and Mr. Baby and lovely Coco for blessing me with your talent!  I had a great time!!
After I skipped out of Anthropology with new purchases in hand, I decided to stop in quick at the Gap.  I was on the phone telling the babysitter that I was done and heading back when I made eye contact with Stephanie Nielson.  I smiled and waved at her like she was my BFF!  After I got off the phone, I went and introduced myself to her.  She was lovely and gracious with all my gushing.  I'm sure she gets it all of the time, but I'm just so touched by her and her life.  I've prayed for her and her family, cried for her trials and thought about her often.  I've read her blog for years ever since my sister sent me a link when she was doing blog posts about the Proclamation to the World.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and I feel so blessed to be able to have done it.  Thank you!


Looky, looky!  I got to be on Reachel's blog!  Don't you love all of those outfits?  I really loved the gray dress with the floral sweater and belt.  And that cute pregnant gal in the blue dress.  So cute!

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