Hurdles jumped

Last night, a monumental feat was overtaken.  Something that has been three years in the making.  Something that I have known I needed to do daily.  Something that seemed like such a huge project that I didn't even think I could stand to look it in the face. 

I finally stripped the last of the wallpaper off my three little walls in my kitchen!  And filled the holes!  All 137 of them! 

Can you believe it?  I am so proud of myself!  I'm not exaggerating on filling the holes.  I counted them as I filled.  And it really has been three years since I painted the first half of the kitchen.  What stopped me?  The three layers of stubborn wallpaper and thought of filling all of the holes that appeared when I was stripping the paper. 

But no more people!  I'm free from the bondage of my own procrastination!  The walls are cleaned!  To be sanded and primed today!  Yeeeesss!!

A big ol' pat on the back for me.  pat, pat, pat, pat, pat


Sharmyn said...

Wowie Kadowie! I'm SO proud of you! I man really, really, proud!

the mama monster said...

pat on the bum from me! good job lady! i cannot wait to see it. you are definatly on a roll.

Kem said...

YES YES YES no more yucky old nasty wallpaper for my Megan. Way to go sista can't wait to see

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