Girls rooms...

Today, I tore apart my daughters room.  It's high time for a new layout for, hopefully, better function.  It's a small room in a small house and she's known as a clutter hound.  A messy, messy dirty clutter hoardin' girl. 
So, I did something painful to me.  I edited out her stuff.  Big time.  I took out her bed frame, rug out, all art work off the walls, the doll cradle and stroller and I'm contemplating taking out the cute little play kitchen cupboard.  Yes, this is major for me.

I've centered the bed frame under the window with hopes of making a pretty daybed set up.  I think that the window all fancied up with pretty linens and tall, narrow bookcases, a fancy headboard (I've got a vintage one that I'm really hoping will work) and lots of pillows would be fab-u-lous!  While looking for an actual daybed frame, I found this picture which is exactly what I was thinking!

via Polkadot Peacock

Hot dang if I only married a carpenter!  It's perfect!  Even the colors are fantastic!  All that white is so pretty but I know my daughter too well, she's messy!  Let's just say that she doesn't believe in wearing shoes and likes to play outside.

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