val·en·tine: [val-uhn-tahyn]

Dear favorite tools,
You’re so special
You do such nice things for me;
You love me just the way I am;
You make me happy as can be!

Today, I'm declaring my love to my favorite tools at Ribbon Scissors Studio.  Come on over and see what my favorites are and why I want them to be my Valentine.  What's your favorite tools?

As you know, tassels are some of my favorite crafts to make, especially seasonal tassels.  Here are a few of the Valentine tassels I made this year.

This client gave me the silver heart that she wanted made into a tassel.  She also wanted dark red with light colors and to look simple and classy.   I added the heart as an embellishment to the hand stained finial for a very classy look.

This one was for fun since I've been on a Vintage art kick lately.  I love the beaded heart and extra fluffy tutu layer of tulle.

This one was not intended to be for Valentine's, but could work for it.  She wanted it silver and champagne for an everyday tassel to put on her dark wood banister finial.  I love the fullness, the colors and the topper of course! 

Custom orders are always fun!  I would love to make one for you too!


~Kimberly said...

I adore your tassels and love seeing what you create each holiday! They are all beautiful!

Kaylie said...

I love that silver heart tassel. Very classy.

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