Super Bowl Commercial Favorites

Last night, we all enjoyed watching the Super Bowl.  There were even some good plays that got this non-football watching gal impressed.  But, we all know that the Super Bowl is all about the commercials.  These were our favorites!

Number 1 for everyone: Darth Vader and VW Passat.

The the house sitting Dorito's commercial where he is supposed to be watering the plants and feeding the fish:

The Beetle commercial made Ryan laugh so hard!  He loves it when the beetle passes the praying mantises and love the music and when he launches off the rock.  So funny!

What were your favorites?


Garry said...

Volkswagen did a great job. It is the first car commercial that I actually liked! Cute kid ;-)

Erin said...

Still working on finishing my Valentine blocks...I knew this would happen if I didn't actually attend the class - GRRR!!
But, as one of most favorite crafty/creative people, I wanted to make sure you knew about this awesome craft contest...


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