Autumn Wreath

Thankfully, I've found a friend that is as crazy as I am and loves to craft.   The two of us feed off of each others ideas and voila!  Craftin' together 'til 2am.  Yes, the husbands find us insane.  Actually, she's probably crazier then me since she's the best at taking it up a notch or two!  For example; I like to decorate for the seasons. Crafty friend likes to decorate for each month. She's rubbing off on me.

Septembers' makings have taken most of September to make, but, they've been worth it.  We got together and made ourselves some insanely cheap wreaths to adorn our front doors.   Cheap as in hers was less the $5 and mine was FREE since I had all the supplies on hand.  We were both surprised at how relaxing the flower making was and how much we enjoyed it.  Completely satisfying project.

We got a kick out of how different they ended up even though we used the same felt.  Each was so different, but I love both of them! 

 Her wreath is warm and autumnal with pretty rich colors and faux acorns.  

I really love the clusters of flowers.  She was a master of that type of flower.

Mine, of course, didn't have a plan.  I just picked a color I liked,  made it a flower, then placed it on the wreath filling in as a went.  I'd say that mine is more Indian Summer rich colored inspired.

I loved the big loopy teal and rolled mustard flower.  I was master of making them big.  Fun fact; the orange felt was the back of a 70's calendar.

Best part was the beautiful lace scraps from the making of her wedding gown.  (We aren't crazy enough to cut that up!)  Totally made it.

These wreaths have been up for a week or more and was exactly the happy project that I was searching for.   Thank you crazy girl for a (very late) night of fun!

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Just a Girl


Sharmyn said...

Wow! These are AWESOME. Love them both! Wow!

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs said...

They are so gorgeous! I love all the different flowers and colours! Stunning!

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