Third Baby

Sometimes, I think my littlest guy gets the short end of the stick.  He's not the loudest or the biggest (which coincidentally is the oldest boy), not the only girl, not the whiniest, not the sassiest (um without question my only daughter) and it takes a lot for him to cry.  He's the one that is content to play a big battle with his army men or watch an episode of Curious George.  He's just as happy to run after the big kids, to play with my friends babies or to snuggle up with me and play the iphone.  Because he's not demanding, I feel he gets lost in the shuffle of the big kids demands.

Sadly, I had to miss taking him to his first day of preschool.  And his second day.  So, even though it was his third day of preschool, let's just pretend it was the first day since it was my first day with him, mmmkay?

He was especially excited that day because he had the treat bucket.  Awesomeness!  I love his bag.  His teacher had them make them at the preschool open house.  She had stamps and paint out for them to stamp their bags.  He chose to paint the entire thing and I think that he did a grand job of mixing the colors.  It drove my husband crazy to see him not stamp like he was supposed to.  I thought it was artistic creativity.   I see a future for him as a painter.  And since he's such a quiet kid, he'll be considered a mysterious and moody painter.  Haha!

When he comes home from his day, he'll quietly throw out little comments here and there.

"My teacher is a really good teacher!"  
"I was the water boy and I only spilled one cup." 
"I was a really good singer today."  

I'm so happy that he is so happy in his little preschool.  Happy 3rd day of preschool my little one!  I hope there is many, many more happy mornings of school for you.


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Sharmyn said...

OOOH so cute. O.K. you don't have to do your other bloggy IF and I mean ONLY IF you include a few more of these cutie entries. xo

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