i hope i grow up just like you

Whilst searching Etsy for some cute Halloween art, I found this print that pulls my heartstrings.  I love it and it makes me sad at the same time.
via dudadaze
You see, my daughter is eight years old and right now, she thinks that I am the bees knees.  I'm top notch!  I'm numeral uno on the totem poll of awesomeness!  I love that she thinks that about me.  Who wouldn't?  But in my heart, I know that I'm not going to be number one forever.  And, I'm afraid it's coming soon.  So for the time being, I'm going to relish in her affection.  And it is wonderful.


~Niki~ said...

i feel the same exact way. my dd is 8 now. will be 9 on jan 15. when's your dd's bday?
i know it does not last, because i have 3 older children and the older 2 really are distant. they are boys, but still. my 10 y.o. boy is autistic, so i think he will always love me like this lol. he is clingy LOL. glad i found your blog!

Sharmyn said...

So sweet. And yes, she won't think you are the bomb always (at least during her teenage years) but once she gets over that phase, she'll be back. Because the truth is you are the bomb. Mmm hmm, you know what I'm sayin.

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