All Set Up and Ready To Go!

Yesterday, I got to set up my booth at the Mutton Hollow Country Barn Boutique. It was a lot of fun to see the other boutiquers set up and how efficient they were. My booth took some time. I had a mock set up at home, but my booth size was different then they told me so quickly, we had to rework the layout. Thanks for all the help Jodi and Mom and Cindy!! I couldn't of done it without you!
Here's a sneak peak of the booth:
I wanted the booth to have a homey feel to it. Using displays of tassels uses that you could easily do in your home. Note the lamp, candlesticks, the vintage scale and my mock doorknob. I am finishing up a quick idea book for you to look at and enjoy.
My favorite part of the booth is cute little iron chair that I got to put my cards on. I saw this chair months ago and loved it but couldn't think of a use for it until I got my cards and knew it would be perfect.

So don't forget to come and visit my booth this Thursday, Friday and Saturday! It will be worth it! You'll find me upstairs in the back left corner. The barn was filling up fast with loads of crafty goods. Aprons, ties, jewelry, bows, blankets, wood goods and of course, my tassels and chalkboard tags.


the mama monster said...

it looks so great! really professional and homey. we are going to cali tomorrow for a week an am bummed i am going to miss it. good luck!

Sharmyn said...

Holy Cow this looks awesome! The little chair IS perfect. You are perfect, I wish I was there and then everything would be perfect!!

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