Nothing Day

I am having a nothing day. It started out with my deciding to wear my sweats. I should know better than to put on my sweats. I did a few things here and there, like cleaning the kitchen, watching my sweet neighbor girls, organizing my stamps and of course, blog surfing.

While surfing, I found this cute blog, Create Studio that I love. This blog led me to some really important time wasters necessary for my nothing day. Like Martha's What's your Crafting IQ? quiz. I got a 9 out of 10 in which the quiz praised me as the queen of crafts. All hail the queen! What's your IQ?
Or this recipe for Five Minute Coffee Chocolate Mug Cake. Mmmm, mmm! I think that this would make a fun afternoon with the kids. Or a perfect Sunday night treat. Too bad that I am choosing not to eat sugar.
I also agreed that this t-shirt turned ruffled cardigan was cute. I don't think that I will make it myself, but maybe you will.
Maybe my nothing day was a little more something than nothing. I shared a new (to me) blog, a yummy looking recipe, a crafting quiz to entertain ya'll and a new craft. Your welcome!
Here's to me having not having a nothing night!


Sarah said...

Thanks so much for your sweet post about my blog. A Nothing Day sounds so wonderful! Great idea!

-Sarah from Create Studio

the mama monster said...

i love these kind of days

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