How fun!

Soooooo....my poor computer got a nasty, nasty virus and has been out of commission for the past week.  My neighbor was so kind to let me use their computer and I found that I won two giveaways!  What a fun suprise! 

First, I won the custom stamper from Letter Cottage.  I love this blog!  She is so talented and everything that her and husband do to their house is beautiful.   They are inspiring DIY'ers.  Check out her blog at The Lettered Cottage and the post she did about my blog here.  She is such a geniune sweetheart.

And then my cutie friend Jackie made a cutie headband and I was so, so lucky to win it!  So exicited!  Thanks Jackie!!  She blogs at Made By The Mama Monster and has so many cute tutorials! 

Soon, I'll have my computer back and soon, I'll be able to post again. 

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Kaylie said...

You too! As if real human viruses weren't bad enough lately, our computer picked one up, too. I'll have to be more careful when playing with my blog. Mark reformatted the hard drive, but we're mostly back in business now.

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