A Birthday Hat for Isabella

My beautiful and sweet friend Oscarina has a beautiful, sweet little baby girl Isabella Sophia.   Isabella turned one and had a big birthday celebration.  Of course,  she needed a party hat for the occasion.   Her mother requested pink, purple and girly please.

We all loved the party hat, but Baby Bella did not.  Look at that funny sweet little face!  Her mama would put it on then she would take it off.  On. Off. On. Quick! Take a picture.  Off. 

photo curtesy of Oscarina
Happy Birthday Isabella!  We all love you!


Aubrey said...

That's so cute--she's such a pretty baby isn't she? Good job on the hat. It's darling.

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Oh my...what a sweetie! And the hat is adorable! :)


Crystelle said...

She's cute!

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