Rocket Chandelier Tutorial

A while back, I made a pretty butterfly chandelier.  I still love it but thought that boys needed something too.  Finally, after months of letting it sit on the back burner, a rocket chandelier came to life.  My boys are so happy with it, they can't stop talking about it!

So let's learn how to make one! 

Here are the supplies that you will need:

  • 3 - 12" long square wood craft sticks

  • one eye hook

  • 6 striped rockets - makes three front and back

  • 6 green dot rockets - makes three front and back

  • 20 yellow stars

  • 30 blue stars

  • 13 red circles

  • windshield and flame paper details for rockets

  • 5-6 yards red and white bakers twine

  • 18 assorted buttons

  • glue dots

  • paper glue

  • super glue or clear craft glue

  • hot glue gun and glue stick

  • monofilament (optional)

  • 1 1/2 yards ribbon

Step 1:  Gather all of your supplies.  Assemble your rockets gluing on the windshield and fire with a good paper adhesive and use glue dots to glue on two buttons for the windows. 
(rocket details)
Step 2:  You will need three 12" long square craft wood sticks to make the top of your chandelier.  I purchased one yard long light weight craft wood stick from Michaels and cut it into three even pieces.  Take two sticks and make an "x" then criss-cross your final stick on top of that making this star shape.  Hot glue your sticks together. 

(looks like it's time for a new coat of paint on my craft table!)
For added support, wrap the center of the wood with monofilament.  I used monofilament because I didn't want it to show, but I think it would also look cute wrapped with the bakers' twine, yarn or ribbon for added color. 

Step 3:  Center an eyehook through the top of the wood.  This wood is soft and light weight so this is a simple task.  Re-enforce eyehook with super glue.

Step 3: Time for the fun part!  Anchor your mobile to hang from a table or in this case, an ironing board.  Working from the inside first, tie on your bakers twine about 1/3 out from the center of the length.  Do not clip the length of the twine yet.   The center lengths alternate the red circles, yellow and blue stars only.  Using glue dots, glue on your stars and circles alternating your pattern as you would like.  I used six pieces on each length of twine.  I like to press on one side of the shape and continue down the length of the twine then go back and add another glue dot to the other side of the shape to cover the twine.  Press firmly onto the twine. 

Clip the twine with enough leftover to thread a button on the bottom. Double knot the twine and secure with a small dab of super glue.
Step 4:  Continue around the inside making four lengths on the "x" pieces only. 

Step 5:  Working your way around the outside of the chandelier, alternate your circles, stars and now rockets as you would like. 

You can decide how you like your pattern and which way you want your rockets to fly.  I alternated my rockets facing right and left respectively.  Add buttons to the bottom of the twine as stated above.  Glue on back of rockets with paper adhesive.  Continue till you fill the chandelier up. 

Step 6:  Bend out the edges of all of the stars for dimension.  Use a small dab of super glue on each tie of twine on the top of the chandelier to secure. 

Step 7:  Install a hook into the ceiling where you want to mount it.  Thread your ribbon through the eyehook and tie your ribbon to the length that you want.   Hang and enjoy!   

My boys have been thrilled with this and I think that you would be too!  Want one exactly like this?  I have a limited number of kits available in my Etsy shop.  Be sure to share if you make one!  I can't wait to see the different variations on this.  

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Life With Lucy said...

This is super cute and wouldn't been too difficult to make. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

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