Lovin' This Room

This boys room that Nicole did on Making It Lovely makes me giddy!  I've have always wanted to decorate the boys room with robots, pale aqua and orange.  I'll take it all thank you very much!

photo curtesy of Making it Lovely
However, I can't get my boys on board with the whole robot thing.  Well boy actually, my oldest thinks it's a little boys room - maybe because it says "little boys room" on the layout and he wants nothing but red.  And the room is for a three year old and a ten year old.  How can I make it work for both of us?  I can't stop thinking about this room! 

Have you ever been to Making it Lovely??  I love it!  It's my must have daily stop to see what she's been doing.  This room above is a part of series called Making it Yours where she takes a great piece of furniture and puts into a ficitional life showing how that piece of furniture can evolve with you.  This boys room is the 5th room.  Other favorites of this series is the bedroom and hallway edition. 

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Sometimes I wonder how people live with such good taste just oozing out of them! Love the room.

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