Vote For Me Pretty, Pretty Please

*****I previously put the wrong number.  I'm #13!  I promise, it's a cute apron just a bad photo!*****
As I mentioned before, I made an apron for work and we are having a friendly little competition. 

Sadly for me, the picture is the worst in the bunch!  But, really, it's super cute in person and very much me.  Will you do me a favor and vote for me anyway?  I'm number 15   DUH!  I'M NUMBER 13!  Re-vote if you will.    I thank you kindly! 


the mama monster said...

wait did you make another one? i think you are 13 no?!

Mandy @ mintnclandycreate said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. I love your blog & I'm now following you. Now off to vote ;)

Kem said...

I voted I voted for you!

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