Bridal Shower Decorations

Not having a lot of money to throw an amazing bash, I hoped to make it up by taking the time in the details.  Of course, with a lot of help, I think it went well. 

We have this quiant, vintage rock patio on the side of our house.  I had already declared this year the year of the yard and since I was hosting a bridal shower, it was the perfect motivator to get 'er done.  I have been fighting this spot every year since we have moved in and yet to win.  Determined now, I set in to clean it out and free it from the weedy grass that dominated it.  It's amazing what a little lot of elbow grease and fresh mulch will do in a garden.  Next year, I hope to add some new plants.

Now that the patio was free, I shopped the house (and friends houses too!) for chairs, benches and tables setting the patio like it was an outdoor room.  Vintage floral sheets were tablecloths and fresh garden flowers were casually arranged.  I brought out a vintage tool caddy to hold the plates, napkins and silverware.  I would of loved some pretty mismatched china, but I just don't have that on hand.  I used tiered plate holders to display the food.  Mmm...the food, it was delicious! 

Of course, white pompoms were hung in the trees.  This was one of my favorite parts and was sad that we didn't get to keep it up longer.  The weather went crazy on us and there was a quick, yet strong downpour just after we ate.  I called that the wet t-shirt portion of the party. 

Another favorite was the "Mr. & Mrs." banner that made and hung above the gift table.  I sent the banner home with the bride with hopes that she would be able to use it one more time before the big day. 

I found these small white tin pails at the dollar store and filled them with delicious dark chocolate almonds.  Yummy! 

For little money and just a little time and effort taken to decorate made the shower feel that much more special. 


Kaylie said...

So pretty! I love the pompoms.

Megan @ Bug Creator-Crafts and Life said...

Just a thought for the bride maybe she could make a wall with pictures from the wedding and hang the banner above it? I instantly thought of this when I saw it. I think it has potential! lol Good job on the decorations!

Alison said...

I LOVE that "Mr and Mrs" banner!

Crystelle said...

You did a good job! I especially like the little pails!
She 's lucky to have you!

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