Making Home Lunch Simply Better

It's hard to believe that it is really back to school time already!  Somewhere along the way, I lost our summer.  I blame June for being rainy and cold but really, I 'm sure that I had something to do with it. 

This year, my daughter is wanting more home lunches and I am encouraging it as much as possible.  I appreciate that this is a much healthier option for her and hope to get her brother on board too.  Soooooo with that said, it's still me that has to pack the lunches.  And I am boooooring.  Hoping to help the humdrums, I searched for a couple of lunch ideas online.   I am loving these bento lunch box ideas!  This is what I found/love/want for myself/thrilled for the kids ideas.

Another Lunch makes all her lunches beautiful!  I will not kid myself to think that my children will have something so pretty, but her ideas are great.  My problem is that the sandwiches go un-eaten and the fruit looks less then appetizing by the time she gets to it.  Call me silly, but it's revoluntionary for me to see her box ideas!  Pretzels, cut up fruit, cubed cheese and a roll of turkey never looked so great! 

Pickles, berries and pizza pockets.  Yum!!

photo from another lunch
I know she will like this, this and this and that's just a start at looking at her inspirational site.  I promise that I am not kidding myself that they will be this pretty, but doesn't look tasty?  I really think that I can get my oldest to get on board with this too!

I also like these easy lunch boxes and this website for Laptop Lunches.  And they will all look adorable going into her brand new, handmade just for her by her sweetest Auntie Dee!Dee!, lunch bag.  I hope that Auntie Dee!Dee!* knows how much I love and appreciate her handmade gifts.  She's the best! 

quick picture I made her take even though she couldn't wait to get outside and go swimming
Hopefully, I can declare our household free of the "yep, mom packed another sandwich" humdrums!

*Just a tidbit of info for you.  Auntie Dee!Dee! is my SIL nickname.  Dee!Dee! and I have the exact same name so we both go by our nicknames to help the confunsion.  Dee!Dee! came from my daughter when she was little and couldn't pronounce what I think was Meggie.  FYI, I'm Link.  :)


the mama monster said...

my sister has a bento box. my mom got really creative with it. i love them.

Kem said...

Love these thanks for all the work Meg

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