Bridal Shower - The Food

Since the bridal shower was in the end of July, I wanted the food to be fresh, easy to make and delicious.  Check, check and check!  We enjoyed a simple dark green salad that was dressed up with shredded rotisserie chicken, cashews and a yummy balsamic vinagrette.   Mom's cheese dip from her vintage family recipes with crackers;  fresh pineapple and local cherries;  sliced strawberries and fresh cream to make your own strawberry shortcake; and the best punch ever. 

Everything was so delicious but the punch. by far, was the best!  Found from this recipe here given to me by Jackie, this punch was by far the highlight of the evening (at least it was for me!).  

It was pretty and refreshing and tasty!  I can't wait to have an excuse to make it again.   It makes a lot, and even though we all refilled our glasses a million times, we still had yummy leftovers.  And if you make this punch, which you really, really should, be sure to add plenty of pebble ice and please don't forget to add the ice after you add the soda.   It makes a frothy mess that doesn't go away.   The punch starts out this yellow color and ends up turning a pretty pink as the raspberries start to mix in.   Mmm! 


the mama monster said...

everything looked so great and summery! i can't wait to try out the punch for abes birthday!

Sharmyn said...

Am I the only one who knows how cool your plate is that is holding the ladle? And that it compliments the vintage sheet perfectly? Yup - ya got class baby.

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