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Ever since I painted the walls of the boys bedroom right before we moved into our home, I've been thinking of how I really want to decorate the boys room.   How does one go about decorating a room for both a 10 year old and a 3 year old?  To cater to their likes and dislikes.  One likes green, the other likes red  (hello Christmas!) but I want orange and aqua.  Remember this room that I love so very much??

Then there is the space layout issues.  Now that the baby is no longer a baby and he really is getting too big for a toddler bed, I would like to put up a bunk bed.  Although I would love to have two twin beds in the room it just won't be the best fit.  (I wonder why these rooms of 1950's homes are always just a bit too small?   And I also wonder how the sweet old woman that lived here before fit nine children in here!?! NINE!) 

I've been searching for bunks and like this one from IKEA for the price and the fact that I know I would paint it. 
Here it is painted and looking fab in aqua. 

I also like this one for a few reasons.  1) I have considered painting the bunk black and adding bright bedding and this one is already black; 2) can divide into two single beds and 3) seems a bit more sturdy. 

This one from DSKids looks nice.   I like the paneling and the drawers would great fun to fill with all their junk treasures.

So fine and dandy, we want a bunk bed.  Blah, blah, blah....what's the big deal now? Well, the big deal is that the bunk bed will cover up part of a window no matter how I place them in there. Thinking all is lost and it will just have to be that way or the highway, I was looking through my folder of inspiration pictures and found my solution!

It's so simple! Add a full length curtain to the wall and window. Why didn't I think about that? Tee-hee! Tah-hah!! I had completely forgot that I had already figured this out before!

Not only does this solve my window problem, let's look at how fabulous this room is! I love how everything goes together without going together. The colors are all pulled out of the one pillow on the bottom bunk. I adore the orange bunk. I love the pattern of the rug, the fact that the curtains are green, the fanstic art on the wall, the bedding and the great polka dot sheets. I like how there is a band of charcoal colored paint along the top of the wall. I even think that that chair is wonderful but know that would not work for us. Be still my heart, it's wonderful.

I see a little green and red in this room. Think I can convince my boys to go for something like this?? *sigh*

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Sharmyn said...

Seriously? This is awesome. Go forth and make that room adorable!

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