Holiday Favorites

Since I drastically cut down on my decorating this year, I thought that I would document what made the cut this year.   

Something old:  These little Santa and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shakers were my Grandmothers.  They were given to her by my brother and I when we were too little to know better.  I even have the box that was given to her. 

Speaking of Grandma, all these elf ornaments were hers.  This year, I decided to showcase them on their own little tree.  I think it would be really fun to add to this collection. 

And an original Elf on the Shelf that was also Grandma Retas'.  (Interesting what I took from her belongings after she passed away since I was only 12.)

Something sparkly:  My three favorite silver trees given to me by my brother-in-law that I'm pretty sure really came from my fabulous sister-in-law.  And the wooden "Merry Christmas" blocks made by me a few years back. 

A large sparkly, jingle bell snowflake hanging from my armoire.

And something new:  This adorable paper wreath designed (which she taught in Portugal no less) by my ever so talented friend Tiffani.  We had a good time staying late after work putting them together.

Of course the kids favorite stuffed Santa.  He's played with constantly and is happily resting now on Daddy's old rocker enjoying the soft light of the tree and smiling at wrapped gifts eagerly wrapped by the children of the home.

All that was decorated in the family room was the mantel.  One of the only Santa decorations I kept made it along with a pretty metal tree that has a tree tassel hanging on it that I made just this year. 

I still really like my banner I made for this spot last year even though I didn't bother to iron it.

And that, my friends, is it.  Much simpler this year which has been so much better!  

Merry Christmas!

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