New Header Love

I had a little fun the other night and made myself a new header following Mrs. Masterful Mama Monsters little tutorial.  I like. You like?  We all like together!

Just as the tutorial says, I made this header in ten minutes using this vintage wallpaper pattern that I turned black and white.  I think I spent more time looking for a paper that I liked then the actual time making it. 

pretty vintage wallpaper...I like it in color and in b&w
Rounded the colors and made the font color like my shelf.   I'm loving gray, white and chartreuse right now.  Oh and gold.  Lots and lots of gold.

I felt it needed a little pizazz so I added the stamp because I thought it looked kind of snowflakey-kindofsortof doilyish. 

I likey, like it.  (Sorry for the loopy talk.  I take after my Dad and when I get tired and/or sugared up, I start talking loopy.)

It's so simple, it will be fun to change up here and there.  Eventually, I would love to learn some real header making skillz, but in the mean time, this suites me just right.  So go on, make yourself a new header for the new year!  And come back and tell us about it too!


Kem said...

love the new header and all the loopy talk.

the mama monster said...

sa-weet! i love it! i am loving the same colors right now. i am cursing myself for painting my gold frams...why why why???

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