Neon Pickle?

I'm pleased as punch to have finally finished the painting in the kitchen!  It's only been three years of procrastinating for only a few hours of work.  Mental note, next time, just get 'er done! Front room accent wall is done too, just a little more painting in the hallway and I'm done!  Pat, pat, pat...pat myself on the back. 

Feeling victorious, I decided to take on the bookcase that I've been wanting to paint since the day I brought it home from the thrift store "last night".  "Last night" as in the way my three year old explains time.  Example:  "That Valentine's party we had last night was fun."  Apparently, I need years to complete simple painting tasks.  'Nuff said. 

Smartly, I used child labor encouraged my childrens' creative side and they primed the bookshelf while I primed the kitchen walls.   And they did a good job!  My little guy there had the whole side done in no time at all.  Maybe I should employ their help more often?

I thought and I thought and I thunk some more and finally, thanks to my friends fun color choice, found a color for the bookcase.  What does one call it?  Chartreuse?  Yellow-green?  Grellow?  At first, I wasn't so sure of it since at night it was kindly referred to as neon-pickle colored. 

oooo! neon pickle!
Stay tuned to find out what I did do with this neon pickle shelf.  Dun, dun, duuuunnnn.


Kem said...

I love your shelf and good job at getting it all done.

the mama monster said...

i like child labor. like the new header too! did you make it? we should move in together and create the rockinist house in the world. i like the way you think miss pickle!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Why Ms. Mama Monster. I did make it! With your tutorial in fact!
"I've got two pickles, I've got two pickles, I've got two pickles hey, hey, hey, hey!" Name that quote.

Sharmyn said...

That would be Little Rascals and by the by Samsters sporting some AWESOM ric-rac on those pants. Oh ya.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Yes, those pants are sporting some fantastic ric-rac! Thanks to my sis-in-law making him a snazzy Three Amigo Halloween costume. I love it when the kids are in the dress up stages.

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