Same ol' story

We all know that this time of  year is busy, busy, busy.  Of course, this year is no exception.  With holiday parties, holiday work hours, a birthday for my littlest, dance recital, choir concert, deadlines, my work closing (sniff), working overtime, motherly duties and never ending housework, time just flies by.  Doesn't it know that I need more time this year?

And even though my days are busy, I still wanted to approach my Christmas a bit differently this year.  I'm not in any hurry this year.  Simplicity was desired, if not completely needed.  I cleaned out my Christmas bins and donated a trunk full of decorations that weren't loved like they should be.  I only put up what I loved and didn't put it out until after the 4th of December.  I completely changed my tree without spending any money.  I put out my decor in different places.  I made a point of making sure a Nativity was out. 

My goal is not to be tired of my decorations by Christmas day.  And even though there are few decorations that I know will be put away the second the day is over, I am in love with the simplicity and warmth of my home.

Walking down the stairs to the front room at night, I am greeted by this inviting, softly lit view. 

I love my tree this year.   It's soft and neutral adorned in champagne, brown and a touch of weathered silver.  The tiny glittered birds, my metal silhouette ornaments of my children, the champagne glittered sprigs and weathered silver locket are some of my favorites about my tree.

My children helped decorate the tree and the front room.  I love this little tablescape that my oldest boy put together.  He was so proud of himself and I think it's adorable.  Those nesting Santa dolls get played with everyday.

Our book basket is full of Christmas books, some still waiting to be read.  Our sofa is full of soft pillows that are welcoming.  We are almost ready for Christmas and that is okay by me.  In the meantime, I think that I will enjoy the warmth of our room with my littles all snuggled around reading a Christmas story together.  Of course, it's not perfect, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Happy Holidays to all from my home to yours.

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